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Dog Wellness: Is Your Dog In Tip Top Condition?

Dog Wellness: Is Your Dog In Tip Top Condition?

Have you given much thought to dog wellness?

Recently, I started running several days per week. My toy fox terrier–who is now 11 years old–used to pull and beg me to keep up with him. Now, I’ve noticed that he can hardly keep up with my brisk pace. In fact, I have needed to carry him home a time or two. Poor old buddy.

My toy fox terrier, Rocco. Missing a few teeth but still enjoying overall good dog wellness for 11 years of age.

This situation has had me start thinking about what I can do to help him as he enters his senior years. His vet assures me that he’s in good health for his age and the exercise is beneficial. But what more can I do?

We know how to keep ourselves in shape, even though most of us should be trying harder to actually put knowledge into practice. You know what kind of level of fitness is required to do certain things like running 3 miles every day.

But what about your pet? How do you know if your pet is in a healthy, fit and overall strong dog wellness? There are plenty of health tips for human beings, which we have access to online. There are also a lot of fitness tips for dogs out there too.

Some of them you can merge together or just do on your own. Spotting the indications that you have a healthy dog is not hard at all and after a closer look in various areas, you’ll know if you do.

Lackluster playing time

It might sound odd, but if your dog cannot finish a session of running around in the park like they how they started, you might have a problem. Some dogs that are unhealthy will run around for a few minutes, they’ll play fetch with you but soon they will tire and begin to slow jog everywhere.

If by the end of a 15 to 20-minute playtime in the park they are so tired that they are hard to pull with the leash then clearly they aren’t fit enough. It’s common for dogs that are tired to sit or lie down and not respond to calls to heel. Take your dog out to the park more often and change their diet to combat early fatigue.

Thick and shiny

Human beings develop poor circulation the more and more unhealthy we get. We can also develop blotchy, red skin which is due to high blood pressure. Dogs also have signs of having an unhealthy state such as their coats not being so lustrous as it once was.

A fit and healthy dog will have a thick coat, as well as their growth of that fur being quick. The natural oils their glands secrete will also make their coats shiny. If your dog has thin hair, it doesn’t grow or shed that often and or is not that shiny then you need to take them out to be more active.

Have a look around

We as pet owners have to do the best we can to keep our dogs healthy and strong. However we’re not experts so getting some good advice from someone who is, would greatly improve the life quality of your pooch.

For example, if you contact a cheap vet and book a check-up appointment that should cost no more than $15, you’ll be given a detailed report on the dog’s health in-person. You can find out what kind of strength the dog has in their hips as many dogs develop issues in this part of their body.

It’s hard enough for us to keep in tip top condition , keeping your pooch in optimal dog wellness is a challenge. However, the signs of an unhealthy dog are there, you just need to look a little closer and take action to prevent it from getting any worse.


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Beat Bugs in Your Home This Summer

Beat Bugs in Your Home This Summer

When summer begins, bugs can become a lot harder to deal with compared to the rest of the year. They start trying to get into your home and plague you when you go outside.

You can’t do a lot to control them outdoors, especially when you’re out and about, although you can wear long sleeves and pants to avoid the bites.

But at home, you can have a bit more control over whether bugs get to bother you. With a bit of thought, you can avoid bugs coming into your home as much as possible. Take a look at some ideas for how to prevent bugs from taking over.

Fix Your Screens

Window and door screens are one of the best options that you have to control bugs in the summer. They allow you to leave your doors and windows open and get some fresh air, but without letting in flying insects.

Before it gets too warm, take care of any window screen repair that you might need so that your screens are in good condition for the season. As well as ensuring you have screens in place, consider sealing up any other areas where bugs might get in.

This includes running a small bead of caulking around small cracks and holes around doors and windows.

Maintain Your Yard

Controlling bugs outdoors can be difficult, but you can try to prevent them in some ways. A well-maintained yard can help to discourage some bugs so that you won’t see so many.

For example, standing water can attract bugs. Getting rid of still water features or rainwater collectors can be a smart idea.

A tidy backyard can help to keep away bugs by providing fewer places for them to hide and fewer things that attract them. It’s best to do a little gardening and tidying up before it gets too hot.

Use Repellants

As well as reducing the number of bugs by avoiding things that will attract them, you can also have things that drive them away. If you don’t want to use too many strong chemical products, you could try some natural bug repellents, which you can place around your home.

Mint and rosemary are two species that many people plant to keep bugs away. Citronella is also popular, and a good choice for keeping bugs away both inside and outside. Another thing that will keep bugs away is their natural predators, so encouraging birds, bats, and spiders can also help.

Catch or Kill Any Bugs That Get In

If bugs do get into your home, you don’t want to spend your time chasing them around. Having something to either catch or kill them will help you to make sure they aren’t annoying you in your home.

You can choose from a variety of products, from simple sticky tape to traps and bug zappers that will kill anything that flies into them. You might not be able to stop all bugs getting into your home, but you can control them.

The Bottom Line

Make your summer one that isn’t plagued by bugs so that you can enjoy it more than ever.

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Make Your Home Safe and Accessible for All

Make Your Home Safe and Accessible for All

Do you concern yourself with making your home safe and accessible for all family members?

One of the most important qualities of any home is that it is safe enough for everyone to live in it comfortably and without worry. That can actually be a particularly difficult thing to achieve, and if you have struggled with this in the past in any way then you will know exactly why that is.

The truth is that there are a lot of things to think about, and you will find that it is the work of a lifetime to really get your home as close to perfect safety as possible. One of the more important considerations when it comes to home safety is ensuring that it is safe enough not just for you, but for everyone who is going to be there.

That means that anyone, no matter their ability level or fitness, will be able to be safe. Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider on this front.


The bathroom is often something of a problem area, especially when it comes to ensuring that someone with a disability is going to be able to use it.

If you want to make sure that your bathroom is able to use safely for anyone’s purposes, then there are a few things, in particular, you might need to focus on.

First, make sure that it is kept clean and dry, for the slightest spillage or moisture could be all it takes to cause someone some serious injury.

You should also think about installing various bathroom safety equipment so that anyone can use the bathroom easily and in peace. That might include bars for getting onto the toilet, into the bath, or for standing at the sink. As long as the bathroom is safe, it generally bodes well for the rest of the home.


Another important area to focus on regarding safety is the kitchen, for obvious reasons. This is likely one part of the home which will concern you if you have children or a family member in a wheelchair because the last thing you want is for them to cause a fire or burn themselves on something hot.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you are being careful at all times about where you place hot items, and that you are doing whatever you need to to make sure that you teach your children how to safely use and be in the kitchen. You will feel a lot better about your home safety if you know that the kitchen specifically is a lot safer as an area, so this is hugely important to focus on.

Consider installing lowered work stations to create a wheelchair accessible area as part of your effort to make your home safe.


The garden, too, can pose some issues, and you should make sure that your garden is as safe as possible if you want to keep your home safe generally. That means that you don’t leave tools out which can impede the track of a wheelchair or serve as a trip hazard, and that you are going to be able to keep the garden in good repair at all times.

Create packed walkways and paths that are solid to make the garden accessible. Then, keep the pathways clear, clean, and free of potholes.

A Home Safe for All

Creating a home safe for all members of your household makes those who have physical impairments feel protected, safe, and (most importantly) included with the rest of your family.

These are only the beginnings of the changes you can make to adapt your home to be accessible. Got any tips? Share them in the comments!


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How to Choose a Designer Bedding Set

How to Choose a Designer Bedding Set

You deserve the luxury of a designer bedding set.

The bedroom is a private place and is truly one of the most important space for everyone in homes. From the research, it is proved that every person spends one-third of lives in sleeping. This means sleep is significant for all of us. This is the reason we have to pay attention to the luxury bed linens to create comfort space in beauty. Make sure the selection of the bedding will reflect the personality.

Bedrooms are always a relaxing retreat at home after the
tiring and tough day.  The bed in the
room must play a role in eliminating the stress and making you relax. The
selection of the quality bedding improves the room appearance in addition to
the promotion of good night’s sleep. This well deserves and makes the bed appealing
to eyes.

In the study, it is shown that the people who are
successful in making their beds happier are more productive and will have more
restful sleep than those who are failed to do so. When you are selecting the
designer bedding sets make sure you will find the style that will complement
and goes with the rest of the room décor. 
Dress the bedding with the decorative pillows, accessorize with a room
with rugs and beautiful lightning to add art to complete the room look.

Following are some important steps to select the perfect
designer bedding for
the bedrooms step by step. Follow them and make the right decision for your
room. Let’s start the journey.

Instead of Quantity prefers Quality

If you want the perfect luxurious bed to sleep, spend time in searching the bedding and the comforter that will perfectly fit inside the duvet covers.  Have bedding that has a high thread count.  We all accept as true and have a strong belief that the good’s night sleep is priceless. The bed should be proven as a heaven for you for resting at night.

This is the reason that you won’t have to compromise in the
quality of the bedding otherwise you have to pay later on with the restless
nights. Fill the room with all the things that relax the mind and make you feel
comfortable. A bedroom is a private place where most of the people relax and
remove the day long stress.

The select sheet that gives a comfortable feel

When you are purchasing the bed sheet pay little more cost for the best quality.  There is some fabric like silk, linen, and cotton that are specially made from the breathable natural fibers.  Every fabric has its own specific function that appeals to different audiences according to their personal preferences.

In bedding, without a second thought, the cotton is the
most loved fabric for the sheets. Many people prefer because of fresh looks,
soft feel and comfortable stuff. It is really easy to clean and can be spun into
strong yarns.

In the market, you are also able to get the luxurious
designers bedding in cotton that is in the gold standard.  It gives the luxury feel to the room and as
well as comfort. The people who are looking for hydrated skin can select the
silk bedding.

The quantity of the bedding you may increase by spending
less on the room bedding but you cannot a comparison the one you opt for
because of the quality. It gives great comfort and makes you lighten up at night.
It is perfect to prefer the perfect one that is smooth and soft and is a good

Coordinate with Room Paint Color

When you are picking up the bedding for the bedroom, make
sure you choose according to the color scheme of the room.  Keep one thing in the mind always that it is
a place to unwind, relax and rest.  There
are many people out there who are able to achieve it by using the gentle and
soothing color combinations in the room. 
It is a very personal space, if you love to have bright shades, you can
go for it.

Consider all the pre-existing factors of the room like the
furniture, room décor, lightening, etc to incorporate with the designer bedding
sets. The light shade of the colors helps in making space look larger in size
and gives the elegant feel. It also provides the instant coziness feel among

Online you have the option of the easy color matching
instead of going to shops with it for décor. Use the samples to have the look
on the matching of the colors of the wall, rugs, furniture, etc. with bed

Layer Pattern Bedding Sets

Textured bed sheets are always complementing the various
shades of the room.  It always gives
casual elegance. It is the effortless creation of the cooperating appearance of
the room.  The designer’s sets are a
perfect choice.  Here you are able to
find the different sets of pattern that can be matched with the room décor
easily.  This completes the look of the
room with the less hard work for sure.

You can also make your own style stamen for the bedrooms by
using the bedding of the choice. But make sure that it should be refined and
elegant. If you are looking for the daily use, go for the casual feel with the
right amount of the pillows on the bed.

Keep Design Simple

The simple design of the bed sheets and the décor will
always help in making the room look elegant. This gives the visitors a
sophisticated feel of the room and makes them get to relax. The simple designs
will help in place work throughout the year. 
The simple comforter and sheets allow you to have the fun with the
accent pieces.


Follow all the above mention points to select the designer bedding for the room and renovate the space with relaxing and not the cluttered atmosphere. You can shop from imperial rooms and have the one in the fabric you love to according to the budget.


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Five Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

Five Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

Whether you’re
redecorating, adding some new furniture or upcycling what you’ve already got,
there are more and more ways to carry out eco-friendly home improvements that
spruce up your house without harming the environment.

Here are five
eco-friendly home improvements and green materials to use in your next DIY
project, to give you the house of your dreams without creating an environmental

1. Low VOC Paints

eco-friendly home improvements
Low VOC paints are better for the environment and for your health!

Traditional paints
contain Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, which act as a solvent that
evaporates out of the paint during the drying process. However, these compounds
contribute to the emissions that come from the paint itself.

Luckily there’s a
growing number of low VOC paints to choose from – this is ‘green paint’ but not
in the color sense of the word!

A low-to-no solvent
content has other advantages too. Low VOC paint doesn’t have that strong
chemical paint smell and is safe to use throughout the house, including in
children’s rooms.

Finally, remember to
buy only as much paint as you need, and use all of it by applying extra coats
until it’s all gone – you’ll get a less patchy finish and you can then recycle
the empty paint cans.

2. Furniture Upcycling

This is a huge subject and you’ll find plenty of ideas on this blog for specific projects, but just keep an open mind when you’re thinking of throwing old furniture in the trash.

Even broken furniture can be repaired to make it solid and safe to use, and you can either hide the repair with upholstery or a coat of paint, or leave it on show to give the piece its own unique character and a sense of age.

eco-friendly home improvements
Hygge style cafe furnished with an upcycled wooden table and shelving. You can duplicate this concept in your home. So cute!
accent table for my office .

3. Simple Storage

Upcycle empty
containers to make simple storage solutions wherever you need them in the home
– coffee jars can become highball glasses for drinks, hand wash dispensers can
be refilled with dish soap, and plastic takeout containers can be rinsed and
used to organize the refrigerator or freezer.

Directly reusing materials is even better than recycling them, so before you trash that tray or junk that jar, just ask yourself if you could reuse it somewhere else or even upcycle it into part of a larger storage unit.

upcycled plastic bottles
Learn how I upcycled these 5 empty plastic containers into 7 useful garden tools.

4. Light Work

Create a much wider
range of usable spaces in your home by installing eco-friendly lights in different

Functional lighting is
a great way to give rooms a more dynamic look, with bright zones and other
areas that are left in shadow when not in use.

It doesn’t just feel
cozy – by using energy efficient lighting like LEDs and other low-energy bulbs,
and by only lighting the zones you want to use, you can save on power,
emissions and energy costs too.

5. Habitat Gardens

eco-friendly home improvements
Close up image of a bird emerging from a bath

All natural planting
is good for the environment, but you can double down on that benefit by
focusing on habitat planting.

By using plants that
give the local wildlife a place to live, you can create a garden rich in
movement and vitality – a home for the birds, bees and butterflies.

Consider adding some water too. A bird bath is a good option – the birds will love splashing in the water, but it won’t have the energy footprint of a fountain or other water feature that needs a pump switched on to work.

Author Bio: Thank you so much to Craig Pryce, Director of Wheelie Bin Solutions, for contributing these ideas!

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Save Money on Utility Costs: Big and Little Changes

Save Money on Utility Costs: Big and Little Changes

Running a home can, at times, feel like you’re running a small business–especially when it comes to managing your always rising utility costs. You’re looking to keep the overheads down and make the most of the assets you have for maximum efficiency. But it’s no easy task and with an ever-increasing to-do list, remembering all the little things that might save you money isn’t always easy.

That’s why,  in this article, we’re taking a look at those small but also much bigger things you can do that will make a significant difference to the running costs of your home.

Utility Costs: The Little Things

We’re talking about the small elements that will have an impact on your heating and electricity bills. The biggest waste of electricity and therefore the costliest comes from electrical devices left on when not in use.

Naturally, this means turning off all the lights in your home when you’re not in a room using them, but also the sockets too.

When you’re heading off to bed, have all your sockets and the switches on them turned to off. You should also consider actively removing any devices that are left plugged in. You might even be surprised by the lack of little glowing lights left in your living space once everything is unplugged.

If you have a power tracker or something like a Smart Meter, then have this in use too. You’ll be amazed at how motivated you’ll feel to turn off all unused power outlets to slow down that money counter as it calculates how much energy you’re paying for.

Heating and Cooling Costs

There are two great ways you can keep your heating bills right down. One is to make use of your timing device for your boiler. This will mean that you won’t have to leave your hot water or heating on constantly all day, controlled by the thermostat, but instead select very specifically when the boiler fires up. This will prevent unnecessary heating when you’re out of the house and put you fully in control.

The second thing you can do to help lower utility costs is to minimise the amount of heat lost in your home. Which rooms in your house feel drafty? Check around window seals and door frames to see what might be done to boost your insulation. Make use of insulation devices that can be placed under doors, letterboxes and around frames to keep the cold air out and the warmth in.

If you have a cavity wall, check that there is adequate insulation and the same in the roof space. You may want to lay down some insulating material if you detect a lot of warmth escaping from your attic and through the roof.

Utility Costs: The Big Things

If you’re determined to make an investment that will pay off in the long-run, then there are plenty of larger scale projects you can do to help in the battle against high utility costs.

Firstly, take some time to check out other energy suppliers and whether it’s worthwhile making a switch to save you money. While the process can be a little time consuming, the benefit in the long term can be great. You might even want to review your provider every 12 months to check that you’re still making savings.

Television and Internet Providers

You should make use of a price comparison site to do this and see the savings roll in. If  you don’t have the time to trawl through taxes then there’s no harm in calling up your provider and asking for a better deal. While this might not necessarily work with energy providers, it invariably does on services such as Sky.

Don’t panic if your threat to disconnect is taken seriously, if you’re put through to that department, that’s often where you’ll be able to negotiate the best deals.

If you haven’t done so already then one major exercise you can carry out is to double glaze your windows, or replace old double glazing that may have blown over time. This is particularly useful if you live in an older style property with wooden frames rather than PVC. If you plan on keeping your wooden versions then contact a specialist who will be able to build internal frames and fit your sash windows with specialist draft excluding accessories.

Go Solar

One large scale project you might want to consider is investing in some solar panel installation for your house. If you live in a particularly sunny part of the world, this really makes sense. Why not harness the sun’s natural energy to drive your bills down and help power your home?

There are some elements you’ll need to take into consideration however before you sign up. Firstly, the location. Does your roof get enough hours of sun in the day to make the installation worthwhile? Remember the cost of the panels and the installation itself isn’t cheap so this needs to be made worth every penny.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have the kind of roof that can support the panels and that you have sufficient permissions in place to go ahead if you don’t own the property yourself. That isn’t to say you should give up on the project if you do live in an apartment. It might be that you can come to a shared installation arrangement where everyone in the building benefits.

While it’s entirely possible for anyone with some DIY skills to get the panels on to the roof, you’re going to need an expert to hook them up to the national grid. Don’t even think about doing this yourself.

In terms of utility cost savings, how the energy company reimburses you appears to differ from state to state, country to country, so you’ll need to know how this process works in advance of any decision to go solar, in case your area doesn’t make it financially viable.


If you’re struggling to keep you water bills down, there are larger scale options here too and you might want to think about how you are billed and whether you can make savings. If you are currently billed by an estimation based on the size of your property, then it might be you could benefit from having a water meter installed.

The rule of thumb to figure out if this make you a saving is: if you have as many bedrooms (or more) as there are people in your home, you will probably benefit from a meter.

In any case, most companies will offer you some kind of get-out after six months, so it’s well worth seeing if this method works. The meter will charge you for your actual water used, rather than the estimate supplied by the water company.

The Bottom Line

Saving money on utility costs can cost you time but ultimately it will be worth it further down the line. The savings you start making today will add up over the year and you will find yourself with an ever-increasing amount of excess cash left in your bank account at the end of each month.

You’ve earned it so make sure you get treated for your determination to save your household some money. Whether you’ve opted for a series of small but effective savings that might include installing meters or simply diligently turning your sockets off every night.  Or you’ve gone all out with a solar panel project to rival a space station, you’re investment will come back to you year on year.

Start today and transform your home from a money pit into a savings opportunity, now and on into the future.

Have you had any luck in lowering your utility costs? Share with us in the comments–would love to hear!


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Moving Tips: Is A New State Calling?

Moving Tips: Is A New State Calling?

Looking for moving tips so you can make a big move to a new state? I’ve done the long distance move three times. It’s a challenge, no doubt.

We all know that moving can be tough. Yet, there are times in our lives where we just want to do it. Sometimes, you’re not happy where you are, or you need to move for work or family reasons. And we’re not just talking about moving around the block! Sometimes, you need to actually move to a new state. When it’s the next state over, this can seem like small fry and simple enough – especially if you’re close to the border.

But when you’re moving across the country, there’s a lot more work to go into it. And when you want to enjoy your life, it’s always great for this to go as smoothly as possible. So let’s take a look at how you can make that happen.

Moving Tips #1 – Know Where To Go

The first of our moving tips…

You need to make sure that you know where you’re going. Now, if you’re moving with a job, then you may have the place picked out and given to you. It’s the same when you’re moving for family – you may move to their area. But if you’ve always wanted to move to a new state, then you need to do a bit of research into where you go and which is the best state or area or neighborhood for you.

Moving Tips #2 – Visit & Explore

Then, you’ll want to visit. It’s always a good idea to explore the area before you commit to moving, just in case you’re not happy. Even if you have to move, it’s good to get to know the area first.

moving tips

Moving Tips #3 – Find A House

While you’re there, you need to be looking at potential properties. Yes, you can view them online first, but when you’re visiting you really need to make sure that you’re viewing in person and that you’re happy with the home that you do choose to move to.

Moving Tips #4 – Get The Move Arranged

The next job in the list of moving tips, is for you to then make sure that the move is all planned and arranged. And this isn’t necessarily and easy job. You have to get organised ahead of time. You’ll want to make sure that you can find interstate removalists at the right time, and that you’re able to get everything packed up in advanced. Just make sure that you don’t leave anything until the last minute, as this is when you’ll become stressed.

Enjoy Your New Area

And when you do finally move, and you’re all unpacked, the next step is for you to get out and enjoy your area. You may think that you know the place from all of your research and exploring already, but now you need to settle in and actually enjoy it. Get out and make friends. Get to know your neighbors. Join community groups. Help your children settle in at school. Then, you’ll find that you love where you’ve moved to, and you can really make the most of it.


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How to Keep Your Home Fresh

How to Keep Your Home Fresh

Have you ever wondered the secret to keeping your home fresh? We have six useful tips to give you a clean, fresh-smelling house.

home fresh

We all want to live in a completely faultless home. It’s completely normal for us to want to be surrounded by a flawless place. We think of different ways that we can improve our home: the look, the convenience, hygiene and a bunch of other stuff. It seems so very straightforward in our mind’s eye to move everything around and enhance it all. But in the real world, it’s not really that simple – it requires thought, time and a fair bit of work.

Something we’d all like to have in our homes is that constantly feel of freshness – it takes some work, however. You cannot just sit there and expect it to all fall on your lap. Let’s have a little look at some things you can do to keep your home fresh and clean.      

Have A Big Clearout

This is a fairly simple idea, but one of the first things you can do is consider getting rid of the clutter you have lying around your home. You definitely have some because everyone does! Have extra bits and pieces around that you don’t need can mean the place gets a little crowded and stale.

It can also take its toll on your mental state as you can feel a little down looking at it. Perhaps spend the day decluttering – it might make a huge difference.   

Organize Each Room

When things aren’t arranged in an organized fashion, then they will probably, over time, get a little messy and you may start to lose certain stuff. Try and keep everything assembled – make sure there’s a place for everything and that everything is in its place. It doesn’t have to be a massively overwhelming job – just go through the home room by room.

Create A Cleaning System

In keeping with the idea of having things organized, it would be a good idea for you to create a little cleaning plan for yourself. If you have a clear plan ahead, then things will be clearer in your mind. With a little schedule jotted down, you’ll also be able to get yourself into a routine which will benefit you too as you can be more organized in other areas of your life.   

Use Technology

Thanks to some smart people around the globe, there are loads of inventions being made every year that can help you out domestically. Perhaps think about bringing some in to keep things fresh and moving along swimmingly. Something like an automatic air freshener that sprays every thirty minutes could be useful.

If you have a pet, then maybe you could look at some pet tech products to help you out so that you don’t have to do everything manually. Technology can make things way more convenient and efficient for you in this day and age.

Bring In Fresh Flowers

Finally, you can freshen up the place in terms of looks as well as general rosiness by placing some flowers into the home. The aroma that they give off can be pleasing, and we all know that they brighten up a room just by being there.   

Master Essential Oils

If you’ve heard about essential oils but haven’t tried them…well, it’s time! You can custom blend your favorite fragrance notes and fill your home with aromatics. Plus, they have therapeutic benefits and can clean the air.

No essential oil diffuser? No problem. Diffuse essential oils in your electric wax melter. Just add 1/8 of a cup of tap warm water and 6 drops of your favorite essential oil. In just a few minutes, you will enjoy rich fragrance.

A Home Fresh and Clean

A home, fresh and clean, is a dream to come home to every day. Try these tips and let us know how they work. Have other suggestions? Please share them in the comments.


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Gardening Tips: Simple Fix Ups for a Dull Garden

Gardening Tips: Simple Fix Ups for a Dull Garden

Need some gardening tips to fix up a dull garden?

As much as a garden is a known selling point or a benefit of a house and is something that most people say they would like to have, the truth is that the garden often becomes one of the most overlooked and neglected areas of a home.

Although the exact reasons for this aren’t known, we can only assume it’s because you simply aren’t using your garden as much. Therefore, it falls from the attention radar when it comes time to carry out any kind of renovations or decorations in the house.

So, if you have a garden area in your home that is starting to look a bit dull and neglected, then in this post we’re going to share with you some of the simple pick me ups you can carry out to brighten the place up a bit. Hopefully, armed with these gardening tips you start getting the use out of your garden and enjoying it a bit more than you have been until now.

4 Gardening Tips so easy a beginning gardener can master them!

Even if you’re a gardening beginner, it doesn’t need to be difficult to tame your garden. Take a look at these 4 simple gardening tips.

Keep the grass neat and tidy:

Although it may seem like an obvious point to make, but the amount of people who over-complicate things when it comes to gardening is very high. Although we’re not saying that you shouldn’t put in any effort to making the place look nice in other ways, something as simple as just making sure that the grass is kept well watered or even using a steam condensate pump and cutting it regularly can seriously make such a huge difference to the place.

If you don’t have any natural grass in your garden, then you can go to places online or offline to find some really great looking artificial grass that will brighten the place up and also save you on things like cutting the grass and making sure it’s watered.

backyard ideas
Pots of flowers add a lush green and vibrant color.

Get some nice furniture:

Garden furniture can be found in most homeware stores these days for great prices both online and offline. And with so many different styles to choose from, you’re definitely going to find something that will suit your taste and your budget. Garden furniture doesn’t have to be expensive to look great.

In fact, if you have a smaller garden, then some of the cheaper stuff you’ll find at places like IKEA will really brighten the place up very quickly.

Be sure to include a dining table in your patio furniture layout. Especially if you love eating outdoors in the summer!


Just like you can buy beautiful accessories for any room in your home, you’ll also find them for your garden and for great prices, so it’s not going to be hard to find something in a style that you like that fits within your budget range and that really achieves the goal of brightening your garden up the way you want it.

kitchen garden
Can’t find the right inspiration? A garden gnome will make you smile.

The Bottom Line

If you want a maximum style for minimum effort, try these four gardening tips. Let us know how they work for you, we’d love to hear!


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How to Heatwave Proof Your Home

How to Heatwave Proof Your Home

It seems like we all know to get your home prepped for cold fall and winter weather, but have you ever wondered how to heatwave proof your home before the summer?

There seems to be a heatwave coming for so many different parts of the world at the minute, so we thought it would be appropriate to do a post that will prepare everyone for when it finally does come.

If the world has a summer like it did last year, then we’re definitely in for some serious heat coming our way. But preparing for it is something we never actually do, is it. All we do is get super excited about the news of it coming, and maybe buy a few bits and pieces of summer clothes ready for it. But when it really comes to us and our home, we hardly ever get ready for it, which is one of the reasons why our homes just aren’t suitable for it.

So hopefully by the end of this article, you will feel more than prepared to spend this heatwave that’s coming for us, in your lovely summery home! So keep on reading, and see if you like any of the tips that we have!


Bring The Cool Factor

The cool factor is definitely what you’re going to need in your home, because if you’re spending some time outdoors and you feel like you’re just melting away, you don’t want to come indoors and have the same experience. And there are so many cool ways that you can bring the cool factor to your home, without just buying a rubbish little desk fan and hoping that it cools you down. If you check out this link,, you’ll find tropical fans that hang from the ceiling, giving you the ultimate level of comfort in your home. It’s better than trying to have some AC unit installed, which we know costs a fortune, and the fan will actually create a nice little draft that will help to keep you cool throughout the day and night!

Spend Your Time Outdoors

You will no doubt want to spend all of the time that you can outdoors, unless you’re really not a sun person. But even if you’re not, you should want to spend as much time as you can outdoors, because it really is the best place for you.

With the sun shining and the birds tweeting, it helps to melt all of that stress away! So think about making your garden really sociable, with perhaps a sun lounger or two as well so that you can spend some time soaking up the sun if you want to. But one cool idea that we like for the social side, is wooden bench and table.

It looks different to what people usually go for, and with a big brolly above you, it’ll be perfect for afternoon tea parties, and BBQ’s all year round!

Small Decor Changes

If you can, you should try and make some small decor changes to your home to help lift the heat. The best tip that we do have, is to change all of the walls to a light color. Not only do this help to make your home look nice and summery, but it also helps to bring in more of the light, and keep your home cool at the same time!

The Bottom Line

You might be ready for the summer heatwave–is your home?


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